vredenburg golf club - our values

  • Honesty
  • Respect for the game of golf and the rules associated to it
  • Friendliness
  • Respect for fellow-members, visitors and the golf course
  • Every member must be an ambassador for the club


The Club started off as the Saldanha Golf Club back in 1964 and was started by some of the locals and Fishing factory managers together with senior Defence Force officers at the Academy and S A S Saldanha. The course was in the Military area in Saldanha. There were two Clubs the West Coast Defence Club and the civilian Saldanha Golf Club.

In 1986/87, the committee called a Special General Meeting to put forward a proposal to build a new course for the Saldanha Golf Club. The members agreed to go ahead with a new course and the various possible sites were investigated and the site next to the Municipal dumpsite at Eenzaamheid was selected.

A golf course architect was appointed and the course designed and work was started. By October 1989 six green were completed and the fairways were grassed. 28th October 1989 the very first Saturday Competition was held. One of the six greens was the present day practice green, and was hole no. 5 and today’s hole no. 1 was the 6th hole. To play 18 holes you went around the course 3 times. 



The Club House was where the green keeper now stays. In March 1990 the new Club House was officially opened. The remaining 4 holes were completed during the year and became one of the top 9 hole courses in the country. The course is well known for its excellent greens, which have taken their knocks during the 27 years but have always recovered and are once again in great condition.

The new Club became the Vredenburg-Saldanha Golf Club and in 2006, the name changed to the Vredenburg Golf Club as the Saldanha part of the name caused some confusion with visitors thinking the course was in Saldanha.

A few changes have been made to the course layout over the past 10 odd years. Hole no. 2 was changed to a par 3 and hole no. 9 became a par 4. Some new bunkers have been installed and some areas have been cleared of bush and trees. The Club is a typical Country Town golf course, with a very friendly and welcoming membership and visitors are made to feel at home and relaxed.